BOREAN Innovation is an innovation incubator. The Danish innovation incubators are created by The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science with the aim to create and develop knowledge-based entrepreneur companies.
Incubators invests pre-seed and seed capital in early start-ups The ambition is to be a catalyst between knowledge-based entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other private investors.

BOREAN provides pre-seed funding for the initial capital injection and early stage development, and seed funding for further development activities towards bringing the company into the operation fase.

BOREAN works as a catalyst for the process towards commercialization, and subsequently BOREAN will typically exit the company after 3-5 years.

In Danmark a total of four incubators is approved as operators by The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

The other three incubators are
Pre-Seed Innovation
Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation

Read about the Innovation Incubator Scheme on the website Ministry of Higher Education and Science