Requirements for your business idea – and for you

Your idea must:
Create value
Be unique
Be patentable, if relevant
Have international business potential

It is important for us that you as an entrepreneur alone or in partnership with others, can and will work on the base of a professional business plan to develop and commercialise your idea.
It is also important for us, that you possess the right entrepreneuriel qualities, and are willing to take risks.
If you already have formed a company, it should be less than one year old, or have a turnover of no more than DKK 50.000.

Before contacting us, we recommend you make the following considerations about your business idea.

• Which problems does your business idea solve?
• Which benefits does the end user achieve?
• Is your idea new, relative to what is currently on the market?
• How does your idea distinguish itself?
• Market and Customers
• How is the market, and who is your customer?
• Business and manufacturing
• How will the products be developed, manufactured and delivered?
• You as an entrepreneur
• Are you enthusiastic about your idea? Are you willing to invest time and money in developing your idea? Are you prepared to take on a risk?